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Competency-Based Parenting Assessments

Competency-Based Parenting Assessments are comprehensive parent evaluations specifically tailored to meet the needs of parents with cognitive, emotional, or other disabilities. They provide an objective evaluation of parents' ability to adequately nurture, protect, and meet the changing needs of their children. The information gathered can help determine the supports needed for parents to be successful. Family Assessment Specialists work in partnership with parents, child and family services, attorneys, and other support providers to assess individual parenting needs while ensuring that parents' rights are respected and children's welfare is protected.

What We Provide...

Written reports of parenting ability obtained from parent interviews, observations, use of nationally recognized assessment tools, collateral interviews, and record reviews 


Identification of formal and informal supports


Referral information and recommendations for strategies and support services


Information regarding current clinical and research evidence to ensure best practice


Expert testimony and documentation required for court proceedings


Post-assessment consultation and training services

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